New home construction – the American dream or the American nightmare?

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Purchasing a new home assumes that the American dream. Unfortunately, for many consumers of newly-built homes, the American nightmare will be. Recruiting a trained third-party home inspector may increase your chances for a home without hassle.

One needs only pages like HADD – or better property owners (HOBB) – http: // www .hobb. org to see how poorly the construction industry is in the industry.

The only area of ​​the country is not free from bad constructions.

As a professional home inspector, I talk to several people every year about new housing construction. I still admire that many believe that the city inspector finds everything wrong from a home. Nothing can go beyond the truth!

The city inspector respects the code violation. Construction codes are the MINIMUM standards that a home needs to build. Urban code inspectors only examine buildings for safety and health issues. City inspectors are not examining the quality of the workmanship! Urban inspectors have no responsibility. If your home falls and hurt the day after your arrival, you can not go back and sue the building supervisor for not having accepted the code.

In Houston, the area where I study, city inspectors spend about 10 to 30 minutes in a home where they are examined. At the end of "Check", a green or orange 3×5 sticker is placed at the front of the house. The green sticker says you passed, the orange or red sticker says the home failed.

There is no way for a city building engineer to memorize home differences in a 3×5 sticker!

The new trend is that builders can advertise that their home is controlled by a "third party monitoring company". It's like listening to a used automobile, he said his mechanic checked his car before he bought it.

If the company renting the leasing company continues to be a problem, it will find a new company that can look at homes as the builder likes.

Wise and prudent home buyers examine their builders before deciding someone's going.

They will begin their research to find their home inspector to examine the construction of the home.

What do you need to look for at a home inspector?

Initially, not all home supervisors are created. Find a home supervisor who is a member of the American Home Inspectorate (ASHI) – . ASHI is the oldest and largest home inspection organization. There are strict membership requirements and no auditor can be accepted.

Then make sure the auditor you choose has a code certificate. Many countries in the country have adopted the International Residence Code (IRC) as a model code. Check with the local government to determine which model code to validate and modify the search. The code-coded IRC supervisor can be found at at .

Request inspectors from your restricted list for sampling reports. You are looking for a home administrator who writes narrative type reports and who includes code numbers or code itself when you find them. I want to avoid inspectors who say they use an on-spot checklist.

Call or meet the inspector. He is looking for a man who is familiar and able to communicate. If you want to talk to an inspector and you can not understand what he says, it is likely that his meaning is difficult to understand.

Get Referrals. Ask the inspector for more referrals and track them.

Ask. Ask your supervisor to come back and check again after the builder says that all repairs have been made. Some, some do not. They're waiting for you to pay back. Ask the inspector if the builder has questions, talk to the builder after the check. Good inspectors will take the time to get the report on the phone or in person to get to know the builder to ensure that all the necessary repairs are done.

As a home customer customer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your home is properly built up. Not the builder, but the state, county or city. Recruiting a qualified and reputable home supervisor will be a long way to go home without problems.

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