New Housing Checklist

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Homeowners are not as thrilling as new home construction. Choosing the ideal house by choosing designs and designs in the home of the models, designing and decorating, new residential buildings can create completely new living conditions because they are designed according to customer requirements.

Although the "new" notification should be "problem-free", it's never so simple in the construction industry and, of course, does not relieve your home of future fixes or repairs, especially if the builder sees quality and quality. So before signing up for pre-release (PDI) verification, make sure you know what you're accepting and that your home is designed by builders' site designs and specifications.

The smart homeowner was ready to be a homeowner; Do your homework. Pre-shipment inspection is the first time you see the new home in the last occupation before you stay. Consider:

– Main Operating Systems: Heating, Ventilation and Plumbing. You want to understand how these systems work if they function properly, include bugs, injuries, incomplete or missing parts.

– All updates are accounted for, function properly and are not damaged, missing or incomplete.

– If you question your judgment or you think the process is overly overweight, take an outside home supervisor to represent yourself. The builder will be his own supervisor on the day of the check on delivery, and although he is an objective third party, he has to represent the builder, not you.

– Limiting control to ourselves, spouses, partners, or family members, but do not expose the extended family and children. This check is your ability to ensure that your home has been built in accordance with the specification. Unchallenged attention should be paid to checking and understanding each aspect of the house.

– dress. Do not forget that you will be wearing a flat, comfortable footwear on a construction site, especially when you want to climb stairs on the attic, cellar and the outside of the home that can not be graded or seasoned.

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