Plant yourself on Green Soy Foam Sofa Cushions

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One day in the not too distant future when we flood the custom couch pillows, maybe we can go to our backyard holding economy, some soybeans … and voila soybean foam cushions? Well, we probably still need couch foam manufacturers and all imaginative equipment, but the exciting news is that the foam gets greener every year! Green foam instead of petroleum based foam, really? Yes … read it.

As long as any of us remember, foam producers rely on petroleum as a raw material. Petroleum based polyols are based on almost every pillow in the world when they are talking about flexible foam. Well, over the past decade, as the costs rose in the crude oil, these foam manufacturers look like new mortar elements … this did not happen overnight, but the BiOH polyols were found.

A few years ago, an agricultural superstar company, Minnesota Cargill and the Pittsburgh State University Kaspersky Polymer Research Center (KPRC), formed the basic building blocks for green foam. Commercial SOY-based polyols. United Soybean Board (USB) promoted and promoted the research and development of soybean polyols as they anticipate this ingredient as much of the environmentally friendly furniture.

This new era of soy polish has been renewed, Cargill turned to Hickory Springs, which has long been known as an innovator and supplier of furniture parts. With all the experience of Hickory, this soybean builder has really been tested and compared with petrochemical durability and furniture compatibility. The foam test found that some of the petrochemicals can be replaced by soy-based polyols, similar to the conventional polyurethane foam, usually measured at the rate of foam leakage.

After more than 50 years of foam manufacturing, Hickory Springs has become a commercially available flexible polyurethane foam which is currently partially composed of soybean polyols. This kind of environmentally friendly soy foam foam can now be produced by substituting up to 20% of petroleum based polyols.

So every consumer and furniture manufacturer who is looking for new and creative green home furnishings should consider the soybean foam and at least in the debate when it comes to a green single couch or even a cushion!

Yes, I know … the furniture industry is old. The furniture industry is boring. The furniture industry is outdated … but think about what we are "semi green" for the eco-friendly community and consumers who are looking for better choices for our planet – to continue encouraging. .. finally.

The Green Soy-based Foam –

* BiOH polyols can produce high-quality foam and require a significant amount of renewable energy – resulting in less global warming

(19659002) * Soybean products support the American agrarian community

* The prices will eventually be lower than the oil costs will rise further

Green Soy Foam –

* Some odors are involved and this holds back the more content of soy polyols in current foam production

* Costs are still slightly higher [19659002] * Not 100% green product (there are few things, so this is the beginning!)

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