Purchase of housing: Re-sale and New Construction

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It is difficult to decide whether to purchase a reseller's home or a new home from a builder

. Although new homes usually have higher selling prices than similar, existing homes, buyers are more likely to understand that the part they pay will provide low maintenance costs. The builders' guarantee, as well as the brand new roof, equipment, furnaces and other operating systems that require major repairs, will co-operate against the initial potential slow appreciation.

Buy New Versus Resale

In today's extremely competitive market, you have to choose a wide choice when deciding on how you want to live in a home. Below we compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new home at the resale home

. The Benefits of New Home

One of the primary benefits of buying a new home is the ability to decorate your home from the very beginning. You can choose colors that range from dye to carpet. Kitchen and bathroom tiles and cabinet selection can also be made

New homes often result in modern comfort, improved insulation and increased energy efficiency. Disadvantages of New Home

Unfortunately, you need to prepare yourself for a new home purchase for the ongoing construction you will find around it. It is possible that grass and lawn will not be, the exit will be gravel, and your street will become a muddle when it falls or snow. If things go wrong in a newly built house, it will appear in the first two or two years.

In the layout of the house, there are cracks on the basement walls, especially near the basement windows, make sure they fix them instantly. Furthermore, you do not have to finish your cellar in a new home for at least a few years, unless cracking and leakage occur.

The cost of new homes is that you do not usually find in a reseller's home. For example, you need to pay extra money for appliances, curtains, draperies, central vacuum, humidifiers, decks, fences, electric garage door opener, basement, sidewalks, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, trees, shrubs, gardens and landscaping, etc

Closing costs are typically higher in new homes. The buyer pays for the new domestic warranty program, for woodcut, for the commercial vehicle and for the extra cost of the exits

Generally, buying a new home does not allow you to view the current layout. All that is available is a plan and in many cases the final product can cause disappointment to the buyer as the builder or the subcontractor does not follow or do not perform. And there's the uncertainty about who your neighbor is.

The main advantage of buying a reseller home is moving to a normal neighborhood. The lawn is green, the bushes grow, the carriage is paved and the trees are well designed to give the street a permanent feeling. Often, most extras are already present such as appliances, curtains, draperies, central vacuum, humidifiers, deck, fence, electric garage door opener, finishing basement, walkways, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, trees, shrubs, gardens and landscaping , children's toys, swimming pool, air conditioning, etc.

From the point of view of investment, the reseller's home often provides much more than a completely new home. Many owners have made tens of thousands of dollars for home improvements from small items such as landscaping, larger projects, such as ready-made baskets or the above items. Although these developments make the apartment more attractive to potential buyers, they can not increase their home market value.

A $ 35,000 swimming pool or a $ 15,000 ready-made cellar or up to $ 5,000 landscaping can make the home a very attractive one. However, these additional costs do not necessarily increase the market value of home, especially if it is to be sold at the time of the year if these major elements do not contain any or all of the perceived values. The buyer is home to the real market value that is based on a similar sale or a sale sold in the neighborhood. All these expensive extras can get into the home for the benefit of the buyer, with little or no extra cost. This can be a significant saving when buying a new home.

With resellers, the asking price of the seller can almost always be rotated down, as opposed to the builder list price, which is usually determined. Any extras or changes will be added to the new home price list and uploaded quickly.

Resellers' Home Disadvantages

A small proportion of homes on the market can not be considered motionless. If both live partners work full time, the home of a relocation state is by far the best alternative. If the property is under "sales force" or the property has been leased for many years, the home may require a lot of work. If the buyer is not practical or does not have the upper capital, then the buyer would be better at buying a home or in a new home. Also, when you are at home at home, certain systems such as heating, cooling, roofing and / or windows should be developed.

Although some people perceive this paragraph as a disadvantage, some consider this to be a benefit. A home that needs some repair can actually have a clear cost advantage for the buyer. Generally, you can buy it below the remaining market value while also giving you the opportunity to decorate your own taste.

Neighborhood: Known or Unknown Factor

To buy a resale home, learn more about the property and the neighborhood before buying than when buying a new home. Land for supporting new home development is usually on the edge of the city. Potential buyers need to ask the developer about the future availability of public transportation, entertainment, shopping centers, churches and schools. Local guarding ceremonies should also be reviewed. A fairly remote area can turn into a food chain as a shelter for a few years. Try to make sure that neighborhood, if not strictly resident, does not start from the check.

Revenue in a new home community may seem more risky than buying a home in a neat neighborhood, the same factors being the neighborhood quality, the growth in the local housing market, and the state of the entire economy. A survey by the National Realtors Association shows that resold homes enjoy the appreciation of new homes. Considering More Issues and Things

is the process of buying a new home, ie building a new home or buying a resale house on the market. The following are some considerations that help you make informed choices.

Location, location, location

New homes are being built in the desired area? Do you know the surrounding areas and what will be in the neighborhood? How far are the services (schools, shops, hospitals, doctors, etc.) what you need? How long does the commuter work for? [19659902] Investing

Generally, due to the continuous expansion of services, labor and material costs, new homes spend more than resale residences. Do you have any significant impacts or items, fees and fees that the builder has to impose? Is the new home tax much higher than a comparable reseller home? Will I be in the new home until the site is built up so it will not compete with architects if it has to sell the home? Is your home going to be high-priced than other homes built or will you build in the area?


The style and features that you just want to access a new home? Can you find a resale home with most features and amenities you want? Can you add the features you want to a reseller? Can you find more resale homes that meet your needs?


Is the new resident or developer financially stable? Is the builder a great, well-known company with good reputation? Does the builder ask for a substantial down payment or advance payment? Are there any complaints against the builder for bad work or no repairs? Did the builder promise the homes? Check out Better Business Bureau, a city or city, and talk to homeowners who have bought at home from the builder.

To sum up, the reseller's home at less cost, more comfortable location, comfort and space, with fewer risks. A new home can be designed to have a precise style and characteristics, but usually at much higher costs, limited locations, and greater risk.

In today's market, both new and resale houses are vividly selling. After evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each alternate, you can make an intelligent, well-made decision about which option best suits your needs.

Finally, you need to rely on the needs and needs of your family and / or children, tolerance to the risks and the unknown, ultimately your budget.

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