Quick and simple home decorative ideas

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If you see that when you enter the living room, a rolling coffee table, bare walls, and Mother's Sea Protein with a green, foliar-yellow sofa, need a serious change. You need something that suits you! But what if they do not have the money to buy that beautiful $ 2000 coin test couch in the Pottery Barn last month? Sticking? Not at all.

Here's how to do what's up, add some novelties-and great for $ 100.

first This is not a new sofa … but this is a novelty for you

Sliding covers are the best way. Get cheap on-board slip on shopping malls or online. The cheapest site I found for slider covers is overloaded. There are even more nutty suede shoes! It's not Pottery Barn, but hey, it's not at sea or green. I've seen them on this site for $ 29.99.

2nd Grind the "new sofa"

Add a box of pillows. For cheap, yet beautiful rolling cushions my favorite place is Ross (TJ Maxx and Marshalls also work). Hopefully you have such a shop in town! Another alternative is to throw down the cushion antiskid. Already in Ross I saw new throwing pillows as much as: $ 7.99

3. From the windows to the wall

According to the pictures, thousands of words and the sale of the property is the best place to find these images. The painted images look particularly like a lot of thoughts on decorating your apartment – oh, and that they were well-rounded and cultivated (as long as you are not an old lady's paintings on the bearswax carpet). You can spend about $ 20 for 2.

4th Picture to image perfect
Do you have a lot of pictures nearby? Give them to your home!

Start with your used coffee table. Place tasty friendly, family or childhood photos over the table. The pictures are not yours? You can also make tapes from restaurants and arrange them on the table. Then place your desk glass in the same shape as the coffee table to place the photos or the deck.

Step up to Craigslist to the bottle. Glass panes may be cramped, but they are adventurous, and they probably will not notice it, as everyone is watching the pictures or the submarines. I saw a nice one for $ 15. If you are using photos, use underpants to collect the imported beer. These submarines are usually subtle but attractive, and frankly, they are just cooler.

Slipcover- $ 29.99 + tax = $ 32.44

2 New throwing cushion- $ 7.99 + tax = $ 17.30

2 painting- $ 20

Glass table- $ 15

$ 84.74 – priceless.

You renewed the main focal points of daylight. Be proud of where you live and do it.

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