Racks in the construction industry

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Scaffolding can in fact be a temporary structure or formulation that can be said to be manufactured in order to help the materials used by residential or industrial buildings. The main reason for the scaffolding is to provide a complete safe workplace for safe execution, which corresponds to the finished work. It provides useful work stands that can easily reach the multi meter meter. In fact, scaffolds are very mandatory, even if they are used for ladders, but they do not help to achieve the same level of stability. As such, scaffolding is the only solution that can help you reach the heights by creating a huge platform for your building tools and functional workplaces.

When building scaffolds, only professionals or specialists are allowed to lift the towers. In fact, there are some training courses available for scaffolding. Nowadays, many scaffolding and scaffolding items are available throughout India. Some of the basic scaffolding accessories and tools that are commonly used in construction are such as Cuplock System, Prop, Base Jack, U Head Jack, Ledger, Formwork, Bottom Cap, Base Chali, Chali Stand and many more. Basic elements of racks: transformations, accountants and standards. In fact, the standards are the vertical pipes that help transfer the mass of the entire structure to the ground. On the other hand, accountants are the horizontal pipes that connect between standards and banners, pausing on the bookshelves at right angles. Some scaffolding is well known as the following:

In fact, two types of tubes are used in a tripod and are made of steel and aluminum . The pipes are mostly of different sizes and 48.3 mm in diameter with 1.5NPS tubes. The only difference between these pipes is that aluminum has a lower weight of 1.7 kg / m compared to 4.4 kg / m. They also face great flexibility and less violence. In fact, the connectors are basically used for scaffolding joining the pipes.


The turbocharger has a number of clamps in the construction industry. install these scaffoldings at each level with a minimum card number on each level. It's actually a huge threaded rod with a wing nut and a welded steel plate that is known as a base plate at the bottom. They are very compulsory for safe, secure and working levels.


Connectors are the fittings that are actually connected to the pipes. They are available in a variety of shapes, so that some tubes fit together and some hold the tubes together.

There is still another important accessory that is used today. Basically, it has accumulated directly on the scaffolding, it is widely used to drag the materials from one level to another. These are used with scaffolding and are high performance with a motor and a roller wheel. In fact, it does the cable and pulls back when it is really needed.

Briefly, scaffolding accessories are very useful in constructions as they make them more comfortable and simpler.

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