Raise your new years on the green road.

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The first few days of the new year are fun to watch, especially when announcing the first baby in 2011 in the city. The prizes were born after the birth of the first child the first important night, but these days parents can give new gifts to newborns with the promise of raising the green child. No, that does not mean that you should trade soft pink or baby blue blankets and bed sheets – that is, you agree to look at the environmentally-friendly way of raising children.

How can you do this? There are many ways to remember for little girls while lowering the carbon footprint.

1) Use the BPA free baby accessories. Bisphenol A or BPA are chemicals found in plastics and resins that are thought to affect the child's development. This chemical is used to treat products such as baby bowls and dishes and come into contact with food to put BPA in your child's system. Better to be afraid than to be scared. Find items that are happier, healthier for children than BPAs.

2) Use garments. Diaper diapers and pads are not treated with chemicals such as disposable products, so there is little risk of skin irritation. The diaper diapers are reusable and easy to clean, and investing a few hundred dollars can keep their kids through potty training. If you think about how many diapers a child has in a year (and how big a gravel is in the dump), the dress is an eco-friendly option.

3) Breastfeeding. Nothing is better for baby's early nutritional needs than breastmilk. Breastfeeding helps to emotionally and physically bind your child and saves money that would otherwise be spent on the formula.

4) Use organic bedding wherever possible. Like a diaper, mattresses can also be treated with chemicals that penetrate into the baby's skin and cause potential irritation and insomnia. Look for organic bedding for baby cots as organic mattresses are kept in accordance with a standard and made of any natural material such as rubber and latex.

Start the New Year and New Parental Advent with a green baby lifting. As soon as you know more about your options, you will find this attitude and practice that empowers a socially and environmentally conscious man to change the world.

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