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over the past 30 years – have built up different concepts for describing the building industry. Some are funny, some are serious, the other are fun. Please share them with your friends, relatives and key entrepreneurs as they will appreciate humor and perhaps find value in the words of wisdom that we share.

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80/20 The rules of entrepreneurship and wealth are derived from 20% of their activities

A 24-hour accountant – an accountant quietly in his office sits, there is no irrigation, day and night, never wasting your time on surfing over the internet or on a cell phone

Aggravation Box – Computer Building Accounting Software Operated by an Apprentice

Auction – bad things focused on bad financial reports

Auditor – Post-war person lost and bayonets wounded

Corporate assets – Cash / Liabilities – Payments / Lifts / Devices / Equipment / Material

– Cash / Business Process / Sales process / client lists

Bad Bookkeeper Thinking Patterns – Entrepreneurs Crazy

Bad Bookkeeping – Bad Money Making and Decision Making in Garbage Reports

Bad Accountants – BCA Business Coach – Someone Who Helps to Raise Your Thoughts and Revenues

BCA Coach – Cheerful, Well-paying, Thinking, Responsible Adult, Mastermind Team Member

BCG Matrix – Graphic Representation of Money Cows / Ascending Stars / Question Marks / Dogs

Belly Button Accountability – The Only Person Responsible for Construction Execution Project

Offer – A Wild Guess with two decimal places

Bid Collector – Our Client Seeks Cheap Entrepreneur

Opening Bid – Poker Game in which the Lose Hand Wins

Black Box –

Accounting Training Entrepreneur – Accountants Inviting the Boss To Come Up Late go early, invite friends and relatives, take a long break, pay more and make less.

BPM – Business Process Management for Building Business Owners to Increase Passive Income Streams

Budget Accounting – Show All Deposits as a Sales Revenue on a Statement of Invoice and Employer Paying Too Much Tax

Business Error – No Significant Finance &

Business Plan – A Plan,

Business Process Management – Developing a Construction Business That Generates Passive Income

Business Development – Business Roundtable – Small roundtable in the beer garden and strategy for four entrepreneurs.

C.P.. – Someone who is entitled to make tax returns and refers to a lot of business that only makes a tax declaration.

C.P.. Building Consultant – Someone who has seen a lot of tax returns and believes they know how to operate a construction company. In general, they are more dangerous to the entrepreneur's financial health than a drunk car maker at a gas station, in the dark, with the supply of fuel lines. He has been involved in building accounting – setting up QuickBooks to facilitate tax reporting while greasing the rails so that the entrepreneur can get into the pipe and break through if he only focuses on facilitating the work of the CPA and not on increasing cash flow and profitable jobs. 19659002] Change – The only people who want to change wet babies! Everyone else hates the change!

Cheap – You do not have enough time or money to do it for the first time; but plenty of time and money to make it happen.

Chaos – Always in the incoming dollar; You never get the money

Client – Someone who buys construction services and is more concerned about quality than the price

Convenience Zone – You're Successful Now because You Feel You Do not Deserve More / Less

Company Bookkeeper – Expensive luxury for construction companies that are not familiar with outsourced entrepreneurial bookkeeping

End Date – Beginning of Compensation Compensation

Entrepreneur Non Banker – Business Consulting and Accounting Student,

Entrepreneurial Casino – Entrepreneurial Netting <$ 100K will do its best; especially in bookkeeping

Entrepreneurial income – the amateur of the customers of Hell and the host of the game show "low price leader"

Entrepreneurial income – the average income of six people spending most of their time

Entrepreneur Rich – who earned $ 100K- $ 200K through customer relationship building and serving

Entrepreneurial Student – BCA Customer Net <$ 100K to Learn to Be Rich and Successful

Entrepreneur Successful –

Entrepreneur Volume – Losses Money all sales and trying to hire new jobs

Entrepreneur Rich – BCA Wants $ 200,000 + Investing With 50K 100 Clients Service

Construction Accountant – Someone Turning Numbers to Trend Trends

Building Accounting – building accounting with quarterly tax preparation and payroll accounting, and presents information in its annual tax preparation required for the preparation of the annual income tax return. Construction Accounting does not prepare a one-year tax return as it is a profession and its own professional

Construction Accounting – System for the Design and Maintenance of Auditing

Building Accounting and Accounting – Building Accounting and Accounting Assembling and Maintenance in order to develop and maintain the most important performance indicators that day-to-day understanding of entrepreneurs' wealth accumulation

Construction Worker Thinking Patterns – Insight into a Typical Construction Worker's Mind

Construction Worker Fully Loaded Labor Cost – Construction Workers in Payroll

Critical Way Method – management technique for the perfect control of the shirt

Customer – someone who buys construction services and is worried more about the price than quality

Late payment – the contractor

Developer – The company is looking for a few good, low-priced, large-scale entrepreneurs who can go to school

Outstanding aggression – past events or business balances that allow it [19659002] Excluded – entrepreneur learns the effective use of QuickBooks within a few months [circumstancesthatcauseongoingproblemsInsomecasessubcontractorstookupacheaporbadaccountantwithoutunderstandingtheconsequencesofusefulfinancialandwagereports

Dog and truck truck – Businessman with a dog and truck for one of four entrepreneurs

Emergency Accounting – If tax returns, Payroll or Paperwork Causes the Contractor to Ask for Help to Receive "Books", Tax Declarations, Payrolls, or Other Issues

Emergency Accounting – If Taxes, Payrolls, Contractors Help From Someone to Receive "Books" Tax Declarations Paying Account Processing or Other Issues

Emerging Contractor – A person who has a less practical role with a business partner may be an Emerging Contractor

Engineering Estimation – Building Cost of Heaven

Dr ga – Goods or services, no matter how inexpensive; Do not Work

Experience – What You Will Get When You Get What You Do not Want

Failure – Some Failures Repeat in Judgment Everyday

Fear – What Makes Change or Dismisses Progress

Five For Five Five – Five Minutes five to five minutes telling how your business works

Fifteen minutes too late – If you think someone should be shot, it's 15 minutes too late

Fully charged exchange rate – covers the cost of payroll of employees, only wages

Hard Work – Highway Retirement

Expectations – Expecting to Work 40 Hours Within 20 Hours

Income – Work with Daily Money

Insanity – Bookkeeping and cheap bookkeeping boarding and recycling Get Helpful Reports

Cheap – Products or services beyond the warranty period

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Daily Overview and Understanding Reports Bring Prosperity [19659002] Attorney – A person who enters body dismantling after the auditor

Level Adjustment – If two or more people spend time together , the group will align itself with the strongest person

Listening – Developer who asks the customer what materials and results they want and gives them

Small leaks – Sin is a construction business because it is easy to ignore

– Punishment for failing impossible

Low bidder – Entrepreneur who thinks about what

MAPM – Marketing / Accounting / Production / formula for success

Maximize – Building a construction company and operating it as high as possible to gain profits

Mastermind Team – BCA staff and client in the short run, so you can spend fast and break away. Similarly, for a pickup truck to run on the race track to go without proper maintenance, it takes about ten hours and 1000 miles before it is destroyed

MR> MC – Marginal revenue exceeding the marginal cost, 19659002] No financial reports – Traffic on the highway at night windows fainted and surprised by collapse

Non-Builder Accountant – Dim-Bulb Wanted to Accountant, No Building Accounting Skills, Methods for Building Accounting

Not Listening – Entrepreneur for your clients what the entrepreneur does not like what the client wants

Optimization – Construction and operation of a construction company to create normal and economic gain over the long term You have a significant income for your current cost of living and a comfortable retirement. Like that, the pickup truck operates on roads and motorways at normal safe speeds with proper maintenance, for example ten years and 200,000 miles or more

OSHA – a protective coating that delivers fine printing, bureaucracy, unbundled hair and baloney

PAM – production / accounting checks after bounties and letters repayment / marketing rumor

Personal assistant – someone who is part-time big red "S" / Superwoman) is able to run personal and business orders, Toilet, send a message, memorize a detailed list of things to do from the contractor without describing anything, scheduling jobs, children and pets wiping the oral cavity, wiping the spilled material, making and serving coffee, paying an invoice,open the email, go to bank notes, work on a small desk, summer air conditioning, heat in winter, repair the broken calculation (19659002) Pioneer – Businessman with flaming arrows asking construction accountant for accurate reports

Poor entrepreneurs – talk with their mentors and participate in the business roundtable [19659002] Process – Part of a system that provides foreseeable quality results and earns dividends for owners

Process Development – Do It, Document It, and Deliver

Professional Contractor – Serious Building Contractor Building Strategy and definitely building a business to earn a worthwhile profit. One of the four types of entrepreneurs

The purpose of the construction company – To acquire and meet customers as often as possible to increase cash flow and profit

Project Leader – Leader of the orchestra in which every musician is in another union

Project Management

Rain Maker – Entrepreneurship Acquiring New Customers

Remodel House Process – Forming, Storming, Norming (19659002) Quick Builders Contractors – Rough-In), Performing (Paint)

Retailer Accountant – worked somewhere in the store, believes all accounting is the same, expensive lesson contracted

– It means you are tired of or are tired of you

exceeds exit

ROI – The Beat nzés risk; In most cases, the business owner is responsible for unused taxes and non-executed payments rather than bad accountants.

Salt of the Earth Contractor – Up to three employees and one of four types of entrepreneurs

Salesman – Amateur Sorter [19459006

Solution – Appropriately configured and maintained for QuickBooks contracts

Sorter – Professional Rain Producer

Strategic Accounting Services – Structural accounting services that understand and apply profit and growth Strategic Principles

Strike – Chicken Struggle Effort to Increase Egg Production

Success – Some Simple Disciplines Practiced in Everyday Practice

SWOT – Firm Strengths / Weaknesses

Tax Preparation Doing Construction Accounting – Setting up QuickBooks to make tax returns easy while greasing the rails or the winning bidder who was only at the center of tax cuts rather than cash flow and profitable jobs.

Improving Tenant – Bid, Awarding Contract, Workday and Night, Pressure, Pressure, Pressure

Provides keys to calm, showing you how to optimize your cash flow through receivables, pay, payroll, payroll reports, 941 quarterly return, 940-year return, return of W-2 and W-3 ​​in the construction business of the economy, Sharie DeHart

Entrepreneurs' Profitable and Growth Accountant – Share Keys by Presenting Tranquility to Showcase Optimizing Lower using five minutes of five minutes of power over the five key performance indicators (KPIs) of the construction company's performance. Through regular telephone and / or personal strategic counseling sessions focusing on what the company should do to help achieve success, Randal DeHart

Unauthorized Entrepreneur – Someone who believes the system is supposed to be lower than the like entrepreneurs.

Rich Businesses – A Million Dollar Debate with Masters

Rich Businesses – Building Relationships and Innovation (Faster / Better / Cheaper)

Rich Businesses – because he has enough cash to live for the rest of your life

About bad things – He can not get rich with his head in the ditch

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