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If you have a small living room, you have the chance to have small furniture and lamps. But this does not have to be your last place if you have a small day out. Designing a small living room can be challenging, but it's satisfying if you see a small living room and a lifestyle that is small in the living room.

first Use lighter green, blue and yellow shades for the walls. These lighter colors or pastels help open the room and give it a more spacious feel. To have a cozier feel in the living room, use darker shades in red, blue and brown.

2nd To further open the room, use mirrors and glass panes. The mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of a larger room. Make sure the mirror reflects the view or decorative element to improve the room. Use glass panes to give you a small, open day feel, rather than using a hard wood table that shakes the room further.

3rd Avoid using heavily printed upholstery for seating and sofa. Use clear, monochrome colors that match. Avoid mixing and matching the colors as the room looks smaller and tighter.

4th Use light bulb and film cloths for window treatments. These tissues allow natural light to pass through and increase personality in the living room. Do not overdo it and do not use heavily printed tissues in a small daytime design.

5th If you want to hire a small living room, select the items that will compliment your furniture and luminaires. And make sure these elements also work to help keep the space spacey and confusing.

6th Choose the right size batteries and accessories. Do not decorate the small living room; rather, look for objects that help to make the room bigger. Choose reflective elements, such as a large glass-roofed coffee table, a wall mirror, and some functional elements that add style and class to your small daytime design.

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