Some of your favorite paint colors for the success of home intervention

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Go Neutral: If you sell your home, you should avoid using very personal colors – for example, dark blue, orange and purple because most people have no furniture, draperies, and accessories that go with these colors. White or off-white painting of the house can be safe – but it's boring and you want your home to look and be memorable. Some of your favorite neutral colors are warm, inviting and pleasing to most customers.

Benjamin Moore Monroe Beige: This is a warm beige, which is most beautiful in most rooms. I recently used a condominium in St. James NY – I sold the house for two days. This worked well with the homeowner's cream-colored leather leather couch and love chair. Important Note: As the sound of the furniture, the oak floor and the wall were tightly connected this helped make the room larger. This is a great color for the bathroom and the basements. If there is not much light in the basement – add some white shades or white paint at the same gloss level to make it lighter.

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige: This is an interior designer's favorite for many reasons. This is a wonderful color that matches everything. In Bay Shore NY's waterfront elegant dining room, I was dressed in crisp white dresses and moldings – looks beautiful. In the same house, I just mixed the colors of the paint into a authentic Venetian plaster at the home entrance. I used the color in a metallic plaster in the living room. This is a wonderful way to use the same color in an open-plan home – without repeating it. Venetian plaster and metallic plaster take on the color differently-but each room is "beautiful" between the value and the hue.

Note: If you feel a little dark in the color of your room, mix it on white or white at the same gloss level to make it easier. I usually use a quarter of a white color on a color gallon, and even more need to be added if it's easier.

Benjamin Moore Grant Beige: I only used this in a bedroom – the house was sold for $ 6,000 above the subscription price. This color has some chameleon-like properties, which means that it has neutral beige blue-green washers in combination with blue-green tissues – but when sharp whites are used, they are neutral beige. I chose the color because 1) I wanted a relaxing color because it was a bedroom and 2) I needed a neutral which was also small-green tones because I used porous bedding. To make the bedroom look bigger and more relaxed – I have chosen colors that are very close to the hue and the value … with the least contrast.

Tips for a Larger Home Screen Size: When selecting colors for a toner, try to use a color that is closely related to tissues in the room. As I chose Monroe Beige because of the lounge area because of the close alignment of the sofa, you should do the same. This will help the customer to have more space – instead of having his eyes closed on the couch or other furniture in the room. It also helps the softer aura in the room – a calm feeling. You want to avoid contrast if you want to display a larger space in your square.

The only room I could consider using horn hue would be a dusty place. You really can not imagine the fact that the dusty room is usually small, making it richer and darker – a wonderful little jewel box! Just add a little work to highlight the color more, add the guest towel with the same sound and some nice soap – and there is a dust room that will be remembered by prospective buyers!

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