Southwestern design for your living room

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When we think of Southwestra, most people think of desert, cactus, and wide open space. When we decorate the southwestern flavors, the southwest colors become more important. The colors of nature abound in the southwestern countries. The mixing into the natural palette is the color and the design that are related to indigenous Americans.

Before you challenge the daylight restoration to a southwestern motif, you have to decide what colors you want to apply. Do you want neutral colored walls in the desert sand, or would you prefer the rich colors of turquoise? The traditional decorative colors in the south are yellow, orange, red and green shades. It is easy to see the bustling sunrise and sunset colors in the desert landscape in the southwestern colors. Even in the middle of desert plants it blooms. Green is the color of life in the desert. So, as you can see, the four main colors are very important to the southwest and are important for southwestern decoration.

If you want to choose a neutral, sandy wall, you want to choose furniture and accents that appear in a lot of colors. The southwest mood is well-known, calm, light, comfortable and extremely friendly so you have to choose this feeling. For example, neutral walls can be accessed by a colorful, color sofa-covered pillow to complement the color scheme. If the sofa is patterned and multicolored, the pillows must be solid and have to be similar to the color of the wall to "connect everything".

If the walls are painted with vivid colors, your sofa and chair should be milder, sometimes even neutral, to break the colorful sound. In this situation, wood is a very good choice to complement vibrant colors; dark forests are particularly suitable for adjusting the southwest scene. The accent pieces, ivory and turquoise are perfect with vibrant colors.

The accent pieces must be so close to the authentic Southwestern. Many Southwest Indian Indian woven beautiful carpets and wall tapestries, as well as craftsmen, create wonderful carvings and artwork that are beautiful in southwest-themed rooms. Find a number of authentic Indian creations to book your new living room. If you choose the carpets for the first time, design the room around the carpet or plan the room and choose carpets to fill the aura of the room, find the handmade southwest carpets by the Indians. Small and large carpets are available in all sizes. Indian carpets are artworks; they can tell stories or depict stories, or perhaps Kokopelli, horses, buffalo and other important images in their lives. The southwest décor simply will not be complete without the Indian handmade wool carpet.

There is no more comfortable, friendly living room with a southwestern flavor.

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