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If you like nature and green dress, you probably love spending time. The outdoor patio area quickly became the primary 'daytime' for many green families. More and more customers ask us how to increase the outdoor space in an efficient, environmentally friendly way. Thanks to online shopping, green lifestyle is easier and cheaper than ever. Here are some simple tips for a comfortable, eco-friendly retreat for the outdoor space.

Build with the Right Materials
Although concrete slabs are sometimes the cheapest material in the open-air terrace, concrete has a significant manufacturing process. Some of the better solutions are recycled or rescued materials, bricks, hempcrete (hemp-based concrete alternative) or natural stone cladding. The poor channel is the arcane enemy of the square of the healthy terrace. Make sure you place a tablecloth or stone out so that the water drains, thus extending the terrace material life.

Choose the Right Garden Furniture and Decoration
Find furniture from natural materials that are resistant to the elements – especially moisture. Teak, eucalyptus or recycled wine barrels are all popular and attractive choices. If you choose wood furniture, be sure to buy from wood furniture manufacturers who use the forestry responsible for harvesting wood. Other environmentally friendly furniture includes recycled wicker and plastic furniture. We highlight the place with recycled textile pads and a weatherproof recycled plastic bottle mat – which is surprisingly beautiful and affordable. Collect the seats around a copper (19459006) outdoor patio pit or rustic chiminea and put the terrace with high purity burners that burn clear with less carbon dioxide emissions.

Protect Your Investments
The elements are not only on the terrace, but weather and age are also advanced on the terrace furniture. Invest in quality terrace furniture covers that protect your furniture for a long time and keep them from the landfill. Look for the casing of the garden furniture that fits tightly around the piece so that water does not look over and do not paint the gap. Specially designed covers for all kinds of terraces, from BBQ covers to open-air terrace tables and chair covers in many sizes.

Choose energy-efficient accents
If you want to use the open-air terrace in an environmentally-friendly way, it's important to invest in an eco-friendly terrace heating or heating system. Solaire radiators are particularly popular with state-of-the-art heaters that use cutting edge LED technology to achieve extremely efficient heat. Solaria heaters utilize 92% of the available energy, thus offering a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to propane and natural gas heating systems.

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