The green road to clean up wallpapered living room furniture

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Our upholstered living room furniture is the way to catch contamination, dust and stains. Although there are many products on the market that promise to clean your sofa, your body, your chair, or your back, you do not always know what this cleanser is and how safe it is. Fortunately, if you want to clean the living room furniture, of course. Follow these tips for natural cleaning of all upholstered pieces.

Step One – Take it off

Remove any stains as much as you can. If there is something thick or gentle to be removed, gently hold on a spoon or rubber spatula. While scratching, be careful not to rub the stain. If the patch is on a cushion or cushion, remove the piece of furniture before cleaning.

2nd Step – Vacuum

Use vacuum to clean entire upholstered living room furniture. Many vacuum cleaners have a dusting brush that can be applied to the hose. If so, it will be useful. If not, you can only use the supplied hose or a simple dusting brush. If the patch is still damp, skip this step or set the stain and break the vacuum.

3rd Step – Cleaner

It's pretty easy to make your own natural cleaner. It only requires a mixing bowl, mixer, pots and water. Add a cup of a favorite natural dish with a cup of warm water to a bowl. Use an electric or manual mixer to rub the soap and water until it is similar to the foaming dimming.

4th Step – Scrub

Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the foam carefully on the patch. You will see that dirt and dirt rise from the material. After the foam warms, take off with a rubber spatula. Continue until the stain is completely removed. You may have to wait until the area becomes dry and finds that the patch has been completely removed.

Fifth Step – Rinse

Moisten soft, clean and white garments, as other colors may ignite in the furniture. Rinse the area, clear the foams. Rinse your clothes and repeat the process. It requires three or four wipes before completely flushing the area.

Sixth Step – Dry

Before using the upholstered living room furniture, you must leave it dry. You do not want to ruin the piece if you let it get moldy. If you have removed a pillow or pillow, keep it away from the furniture until it is completely dry. If you're sure it's dry, put it back.

You do not have to let the patch ruin your favorite furniture. Use the simple steps here to naturally clean the upholstered living room furniture in your home and do not worry about stains or rough chemicals.

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