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It is a very refreshing update on how many people are looking to deal with environmentally-friendly products today, even if they are doing expensive household improvements such as converting the kitchen. Fortunately, you can now get "green" materials without paying more than other high quality materials. Unfortunately, you do not always find these environmentally friendly countertops, cabinets, and floorboards in your local department store.

Specialists (who emphasize green life) are your friends here, but since they are smaller, they do not always have all the options. It's a good idea for online research and to decide what kind of floor coverings, worksheets, appliances, etc. He wants you before he buys a buyer.

This article may help in this article. Let's look at some of the areas where you can make environmentally friendly choices when making a kitchen. Finally, the new kitchen looks as good as anyone else (maybe better).


There are many environmentally friendly kitchen countertops. Concrete has little maintenance and is easy to form any shape and thickness. Natural stone, such as granite, although a certain limited resource, does not give off harmful vapors to man-made materials. Recycled materials are increasingly popular. You will find everything from paper to glass and ceramics (how would you like a nice Terrazzo counter made from old toilets, washbasins and bathtubs that would otherwise be landfilled)?

Environmentally friendly floor covering

Bamboo is very popular in the floor arena, both in the kitchen and in other rooms of the house. As grass grows much faster than trees, it is easy to replenish resources. If you want hardwood floors, consider wood harvested from sustainable forests. Conserved or recycled wood hardwoods are also available (eg Old buildings that are demolished). These natural substances are often more environmentally friendly than man-made compounds.

Kitchen Appliances

When purchasing a new oven, dishwasher, fridge, always select Energy Star. They may be more expensive than conventional models, but these devices use 10-50% less power and water, thus saving money on the long run. You do not have to give up energy efficiency; make stainless steel and other high-quality coatings for Energy Star certified models.


Is it like an environmentally friendly hob? Naturally. New induction units on the market use electricity to generate a magnetic field that causes molecular motion, rather than heating burners. This heating method requires less energy than gas and electric stoves, and induction hobs are safer (do not have to worry about the child touching a hot burner).


Choosing the functional and handsome cabinets is a major part of the kitchen conversion since it uses the bulk of the room. If you are looking for environmentally friendly options, choose the same type of material that the floor needs to be used. Bamboo and reclaimed wood are a good choice. If you need a cheaper cabinet, you can get fiberboard or chipboard, but make sure you find those cabins that do not contain urea-formaldehyde that is as confident as it sounds; This is not what you want in a healthy kitchen.

Paints and Surfaces

Kitchen conversion is not just about countertops, cupboards, and stainless steel. Think of the paintings you will use on walls and finishes on kitchens and countertops. Choose paints and surfaces with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). (Many conventional substances have high VOC values ​​and these compounds produce potentially harmful gases when applied, this can be problematic for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities and reduce indoor air quality for everyone


Most kitchens have at least one window and can help save energy by installing Energy Star certified windows (in the rest of the house and in the kitchen)

Recycling [19659002] The eco-friendly homeowner will resume recycling, easily separating bottles, bottles, and cans by building a recycling center in the kitchen. Install, consider using a sliding unit containing a conventional waste bin and container or can for reuse to buy.

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