What is green life?

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Green lifestyles must become the motto of present and future generations. It is essential for all of us to educate our children about environmentally friendly methods to learn to respect their environment in which they are born. Love and respect for nature should be indicated from childhood. Today's children are tomorrow's adults; its values ​​quoted will include future dividends. Kids who are raised in a healthy and green environment will surely get used to this kind of life. Therefore, when they grow up as a citizen, they ensure that they do nothing that would endanger the planet's health.

Today, there is a need to develop new technologies that would facilitate green life. New scientists are working on new forms of green energy. The oil and carbon content of our planet is rapidly deteriorating due to massive industrialization. If the rate of consumption remains unchanged, the carbon and oil stocks will soon be exhausted. Therefore, measures are taken to preserve the remaining resources and to find alternative energy production methods. Solar energy and tidal energy are some potential sources of energy. Appropriate to use and expand them to get the greatest possible performance and benefit. Solar and tidal energy are renewable energy sources and are environmentally friendly. As part of the green life, people need to be encouraged to use solar energy to house the house. Today, technology has been developed to run solar powered vehicles. Although it is still in the gestation period, it would be a good alternative to gas and gas for driving vehicles.

The awareness-raising programs must be carried out by different ecological classes. People need to be taught how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They should be taught to make reasonable use of natural resources. The effects of irrational use of natural resources need to be explained in detail to people. People tend to be abusive and absorb fresh water. This led to water shortage. Steps should be taken to reduce waste and increase people's responsibility. Likewise, people use lights to unnecessarily wake electricity. If an extra bulb is lit for each household, imagine the amount of power consumption. This is a national waste, so it should be avoided.

For the people of the planet, we all have to work on developing a green lifestyle. This is our social and moral responsibility.

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