What Is Home Well Inspection?

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If you have a well, annual inspections must be part of your maintenance task list. Even if water is good, lead and other pollutants can get into the water and can lead to health problems. Well Testing Low in Price To Ensure Drinking Water

What Is Well Testing?

During a check by an authorized and / or certified well-water trader, the annual well test shall include several components:

  • Flow test for water outlet and level of contact pressure, pump capacity, tank pressure and contact pressure
  • check the equipment to comply with local codes and appear safe
  • Test for colon bacteria and nitrates water
  • Investigations of minerals that are known to affect water conditions in the area, such as sulphides, manganese or the iron.
  • Periodic tests for pH or total dissolved solids
  • if the water is cloudy or oily if there are signs of bacterial growth on the lamps or if the equipment does not function properly and is included in the written report
  • Provides Laboratory Data, Explains Results and Recommends
  • After receiving the report from your Well Testing and any other test performed, it keeps the records and keeps them in a safe place and from the construction documents when the well was first digested.

Useful Information on Well Surveys

Most wells have a life expectancy of about 20 years or more. Handling your records will be helpful in determining when to replace and need to sell your home.

How much can you expect for a well-paid payment? The cost varies according to the area and is based on sampling methods, test procedures, and number of tests performed, but the homeowner usually plans to spend between $ 150 and $ 350. Sampling of multiple pollutants can increase costs.

When selecting a well-checked, it's important to use a person who has your license and certificate in your state and who knows the local codes. The inspector must use laboratories that must be authorized to test the various impurities in water

Why can you order an annual urinalysis?

Maybe why you need an annual check if you're not concerned about taste, appearance, odor, or performance. Because your well is underground, you may not know the possible changes. If your home is in the vicinity of farms, mines, landfills or gas or oil fields, pollutants may penetrate the water. The same is true if oil or waste was dumped in the yard, their homes were destroyed, a septic tank, or broken cracks were formed in the closed health cover in the pit.

Ensure the Safety and Quality of Water Supply

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