When to break when to add and convert and when to sell an existing house in South Florida?

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So you think you're spending a lot of money on adding and transforming your current house. But if so? Or would it be better to cut off the house and start it? What are the guidelines for making decisions?

You bought the house because it was a great view or you really liked the place for any reason. But the house is too small for your family. Or perhaps the value of the house is too small. Or you bought the house that was already finished, but it turned out and it was not enough to taste it. What is the first question to be investigated?

The first is the 50% rule as in flood-prone areas such as South Florida. The 50% rule is a federal law that if you plan a "material" conversion or supplement for a house, the ground floor of the house must correspond to the base flood level. The essential transformation is defined as an addition and / or conversion that involves 50% or more of the cost of the existing housing.

Since many homes in South Florida, particularly in Miami Beach, Key Biscayne and other coastal Florida areas, were originally built before the baseline increase, these more ground floor levels of these floodplain houses.

For example, the rise of the Hibiscus Island on the shores of Miami Beach is 10 and # NGVD. So if a two-story house has to be brought to the base flood level, the house must be destroyed, the floor can not be lifted 4 & # 39; -0, and the second floor stays there. In a single storey house, this means that it is essential to add a second story to the new base flood level and the abandoned original floor.

If you want to close this question, if the supplement you want to work or the renovation that you want to cover is more than 50% of the original house cost, then it is often the most appropriate for your existing house dismantling and building a brand new house. On the other hand, if the cost of a current house is high and the new or conversion can be built on less than 50% of the cost of the original house, then this addition and / or rebuilding is possible.

What is the second question to be investigated?

Septic tank or canal house? Urban water or water? Unless there is a very large batch, the combination of well water and septic tank is very damaging to a feasible dosing. In Miami-Dade County, a new septic tank is 100 to 100 meters away from the water, regardless of whether it is yours, your neighbors, or your neighbor. Any consequence that has been in the house for 20 years almost always requires a new septic tank. If the existing housing is near the water sources of your neighbors, you must ensure that the new septic tank is at a sufficient distance from existing water jets. If the existing house is with water and a new water pipe is found in front of the street right in front of the house or very close, then it must be connected to the plumbing for all relevant additions. The same is true of the sewer system. Any of these may add financial costs to the addition depending on the distance from the house to the connection and whether the connection is in the middle of a public street. If these conditions cost so much that it becomes disproportionate to the budget, it may be better to leave this house alone, perhaps even sell it, and then build a new house where conditions are better for construction.

What is the third question to be investigated? The third question is less technical, but equally important, probably the most important. Is there an existing plan that can be easily added or modified? Does the current plan work? After finding the new additions, existing roofs still work with new spaces? Homeowners often think that they can pick up the roof on any side of the house. The ideal situation would be for the existing plan to be easier to access and in a way that would still allow the roofs to drain the rain from the center of the house and from the exterior walls.

Before considering the addendum, the baseline should be analyzed for the wasted space. The old house often has spaces that are suitable for new use. This option will almost always be less expensive than supplementing any home.

Considering these three issues will show you a long way to see whether it has been shown to break down and begin to begin selling a house or actually adding it to a house or converting it.

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