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When applying for a new construction work, the cover letter is the first thing the employer will read before the resume, so this is one of the most important things to be right!

The role of the cover letter is to highlight the main skills and experiences that are appropriate to the company's search to emphasize that you are right to work.

There is no strict formula, but there are some important things you should remember when writing a cover letter.


This defines the cover letter and the focus, and the most important phrase. You need to find a catch-up initiative to encourage readers to continue. It should be short and state what kind of construction work it is and why it has requested this role. You should address the letter to the individual if you have such information.

Main Body

This is your chance to meet the skills, qualifications and experience of your work. First, focus on the needs of the company and its actual role, and explain why they asked for them. This shows that he has done research at the company and personally set the letter for them. Then compare them with your skills and abilities; show that you are right to work and your achievements so far. Try not only to curtail your resume as they will come.

Closing paragraph

Wait for a positive comment and urge the reader to contact you. Tell me when the interview will be available and say I look forward to hearing them. Simply sign and sign and print your name.


After you have written the letter, make sure it is properly displayed. Put your address in the upper right corner with the company name in the upper left corner. Make sure the paragraphs are verified to the left and the font is consistent. Keep on one side of A4 and up to 4 feet long. Make a spell and ask a friend to check it out.

The last thing you need to remember is that you do not have to produce your covers in bulk. They are displayed a mile away and thrown into the box. Ensuring that it is specifically designed for construction work and the company to which it will go will have a great impact!

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