You do not need a tree hugger to accept green life – 8 simple tips to help you go green

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Green Living in Orlando, Florida and elsewhere is not just about the embrace of trees! It is about making a conscious decision about incorporating modern technology, energy conservation and commitment to defense practices in everyday life. And the first step we are all about is greening, we know the habits that have a negative impact on the environment and then take the necessary steps to change it in a different way.

The following 8 simple tips that will help you travel with GO GREEN … one day at a time:

1. Replacing Incandescent Lamps for Power Saving Fluorescent Models It not only saves money but also helps reduce carbon footprint.

2nd Turn off lights and fans when leaving room. Did you know that the same advice that our mothers said years ago would be an up-to-date advice for us today!

3rd Installation of low-flow shower heads and water consumption reduction by 50%

4. Recycle. Take advantage of your city's recycling program for newspapers, glasses, plastic and boxes.

5th Empty and use the weatherstripping. These uses around doors and windows to help ensure that cooling or heating is avoided. You will be rewarded for your efforts if you see that your monthly energy bill has declined.

6th Stop Leaks Did you know that a second drop of leaky faucets, showers and toilets could cause 200 gallons of damage a month?

7th Let the sun shine! In the winter months, be sure to unlock shutters and drapes so that natural daylight warms up your home … a natural energy-saving and an emotional pick!

8th Disconnect devices and other electrical equipment when not in use Even if they are not physically switched on, power out the terminals, especially LCD and plasma TVs.

Green life is not a glitter … it stays here. You need to become our lifestyle in order to preserve and protect the land for future generations!

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